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New Year Updates!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 4:40 PM

Wow- time to check in after all the craziness at the end of last year! Between snowstorms, holidays, family members going in and out of the hospital, my parents getting a new dog, my birthday, and everything else in between, I haven't had much of a chance to art. It was a busy end of the 2012, and start to 2013. This year, I've sworn to focus more on my artwork, perhaps turning that into a career as time goes on and I start to improve.

Art should start showing up on here more often. I have a new line art in the works, and two pieces that need coloring. I'm also adding a new folder for pieces scanned from my sketchbook.

Also, prints of my larger pieces are available on my DeviantART Prints shop:… It's still getting set up, so give it some time!


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One thing after another!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 9:41 AM

This year has simply been one thing after another! With so much going on, I often find my interest (And even ability, darned artist block!) ebbs and flows. I'm still here and I won't be going away, no matter  how many silly doodles I have to post!

I know this is old news to those who have been logging on consistently, but I'm rather annoyed by the new name changing ability. One of the main reasons I started this new account was to change my username. The other at the time was to get away from my older artwork, but I would be fine sticking it in it's own little "Older Work" gallery, and leaving it all there! I really would have been happier continuing on from where I left off, with it's 15,000 pageviews and all the watchers I had there. It's far, far easier to get people to view and comment on your work if you already have people invested in your account, rather then gathering a new following. I would just go through and move the newer work back to the older account, but I would lose all the nice comments, favs, and views on them- not to mention inconveniencing everyone who has it faved or watches me here! I don't want to do that again!

With luck, DA will add in a 'Merge Account" at some point, and all my works and stats can be united under one name!


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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 10, 2012, 8:55 AM

Just a little update, checking in!

There have been a lot of changes around home. My hubby and I have gone on a diet, and I'm feeling so much better. I feel much more like the 'old me' who used to do art, and make plushies and all sorts of cuddly, silly things! It's simply amazing how good I feel, just for changing what I eat!

A few weeks ago, we tore our office space apart- both our desks were quite ancient. We bought new ones (On sale!) and rearranged the room. My Betta fish is now sadly across the room... but otherwise, I love it! Our new desks are the perfect design, with lots of desktop space, and overhead storage in the hutch. We've put them both along one wall, which has opened up the rest of the room for me to set up a table with my sewing machine and add in a plastic chest of drawers for sewing stuff and fabric storage. All my artsy stuff in one room!

Speaking of sewing, I'm in the midst of working on a new plushie, something I haven't done in literally years. Thankfully, I have a lot of decent sewing experience from college and before (Thank you Costuming, Pattern Manipulation, and Props and Crafts classes!), I just lack practice. I'm really enjoying the work, even if it is slow going, and I'm hoping to get a few plushies under my belt, with a more professional look, and perhaps open for commissions. We'll have to see!

On the DeviantART front, I finally went in and did a little managing of my friends list. If you're not on my friends list, and you want to be, please let me know! I've not been putting the random people I watch on there, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be friends! I'm a rather friendly bear-goat!

I also sorted out the clubs I've joined and watched, and frankly turned off the deviations from them. It was getting so daunting seeing 500 deviations flooding in, a lot of them repeats from the multiple fantasy and dragon groups I've joined- it completely turned me off of actually checking them. There was just too much! This way, if I'm off a mood to browse the groups, I can, but their massive number of uploads won't overwhelm the single artists I've watched as well! A good balance, I think.


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Stepping up my game!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 9, 2012, 8:18 PM

The new piece I'm working on, the final coloration of Forest Guardian Lineart by Brunn-Bear, is taking quite a while! I really decided to up my game with this one, doing a full and complete background. I'm hoping to have it finished up by Monday and posted!

I really want to start doing more finished pieces, and just MORE art in general. Unfortunately I feel like I'm still at quite a disadvantage, as I simply don't know that much about Paint Tool SAI, or any digital art program in general. A lot of the tutorials I find are either for very, very specific things, too difficult to follow, very badly done or very advanced. It's especially hard when I know what I'm trying to do, but don't have the specific vocabulary to phrase the question!

Tomorrow I'll be heading up to Barnes and Noble and see if I can't find some books to help! I know I won't be finding any for Paint Tool SAI, but I'm sure I can get some for Photoshop. The whole reason I went with SAI instead of PS is because of how intimidating PS can be... I've used it in a very limited fashion before, but I don't really know enough to feel comfortable with the program at all. I believe they use  a lot of the same features though, and I bet there will be some helpful books there!

I've really been enjoying the new group feature on DA as well. When I left DA group's weren't nearly as supported as they are now, and it's pretty fantastic. I've found I'm getting a lot more exposure by posting to group galleries then when I haven't- it's kind of a shame really, I've seen tons of great art by just browsing that isn't being posted in galleries. It seems no one likes to take the time to browse anymore? Very weird. In any case, I've seen a ton to absolutely brilliant artwork recently. So great to be back in the art world!


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Slow but Steady

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 28, 2012, 12:50 PM

Arts have been slow going the past few days. Learning new techniques, a new program, and all together getting back into my drawing groove takes time! I also don't have the same 'art stamina' I used too- I can't sit and draw for hours and hours anymore, I'll have to work back up to that!I'll have a new piece in the gallery later tonight though!

I've also been upgrading things. I recently went from using a Bamboo Fun tablet (Very outdated, limited sensitivity) to the new Bamboo Create Tablet. It's a massive upgrade for me, as well as being twice as sensitive. Honestly, I couldn't recommend it more, it's the most bang for the buck in my opinion given it's high sensitivity and large drawing space for comparatively low cost. I wouldn't suggest getting any smaller of an active area size then what the Create's got- It's pretty frustrating when I hit the edge of my tablet, I can't imagine trying to use anything smaller regardless of how much 'better' the tablet's quality is!

I also upgraded to a premium account today! I used to be a premium member on my old account, but of course that lapsed when I stopped updating it. DeviantART's changed so much, and there are such wonderful new features! I've been loving having the time to browse the galleries of everyone so far! And with the increased number of deviations I can view per page it makes it much faster and more enjoyable- more comments for everyone!

I'm hoping to maybe start doing some art for other people soon, maybe take some commissions... I need to start trying to draw other things, and new characters to help expand my skills! Here's hoping! All in all, I couldn't be happier to be back in the art world.


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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 8:43 AM

Howdy peeps! Probably won't be many (Or any) new pieces for a while, as I'm busy working on a contest piece for the League of Legends 'Art of Revelry' contest! You can find the contest page here:… if you'd like to make a piece for it too! There are some pretty fantastic prizes, and LOTS of them! I doubt I'll in anything, but I've never entered a contest before and I thought it might be fun! Get to see what everyone else made for it, maybe get my piece on the website! Woo!

The contest ends February second, so I better get going! 0.0;;



Welcome to my new DeviantART page! Not really a new member; this is my new page. I've technically been a member for 6 years, but for personal reasons decided to make a new account. I do a bit of everything. I used to be mostly a traditional artist, but recently have been playing around with digital with Paint Tool SAI. I also make custom plush toys as well, so some of those may be cropping up.

Right now there's prolly going to be a lot of sketchy works and personal art. Stuff I'm doing for fun. I'm just now starting to get back into art, and trying to learn digital painting at the same time. Hope you enjoy!


PS- If you'd like to see my account with my previous artwork on it, you can find it here: It has a LOT more page views, LOL!